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GR Police Blotter Feb 10th - Feb. 16, 2020


2:39 PM – A Glen Rock woman reported that an unknown individual had gained remote access to her computer and attempted PayPal and Amazon purchases.  She subsequently contacted both her bank and credit card companies and did not suffer any financial loss.  She has arranged to have a computer technician examine her computer.  The detective bureau is currently reviewing this matter.  


3:12 PM – A Glen Rock woman reported that she attempted to open a Neiman Marcus account on what she believed was a legitimate website for the retailer.  During the course of doing so, she realized that the website was a fake but had already entered some of her personal information.  She has since contacted credit monitoring services and the detective bureau is reviewing the matter.  


5:25 PM – A Glen Rock couple reported they discovered that one of their credit cards had been placed on hold when they attempted to use it.  Upon contacting the credit card company, they learned that an unknown individual had called the company and requested an address change to a location in Winfield, Kansas as well as a $ 3,000 transaction which the credit card company had flagged.  

According to the Winfield Kansas Police Department, they are aware of credit fraud transactions being generated from a purported address in their community, however, the address is invalid as the street in question does not exist.  The detective bureau is currently reviewing the matter.    


12:52 PM – The owner of an office building located at 11 Harristown Road reported a series of incidents that have occurred at his building over the last week.  The matters include illegal dumping, broken light fixtures as well as an unknown, possible flammable substance having been poured in carpeting in the hallways of the building.  The detective bureau is currently investigating this report. 

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