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Glen Rock Police Blotter Feb. 24 - March 1, 2020

Mar 02, 2020 08:18AM ● By Chief Dean Ackermann


1:54 PM – While on patrol in the area of Lincoln Avenue, P.O. Sam Evans received a hit on his patrol vehicle’s LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System.  The subject vehicle, a work van, which had been stolen in Clifton within an hour of the hit, evaded the officer while southbound on Lincoln Avenue.  P.O. Evans assisted by D/Sgt. Jim Calaski and Sgt. Bryan Scott located the vehicle just over the Paterson border on East 17th Street.  The vehicle was no longer occupied when it was located.  The recovery was turned over to the Paterson Police Department.    


1:02 PM – A Glen Rock woman reported that she received a fraud alert via text message from her credit card company.  She followed up on the alert and found that three transactions totaling $410 had occurred at a Michaels store without her authorization.  The credit card has been canceled and she was reimbursed for the charges.  The matter is currently being reviewed by the detective bureau. 


10:15 AM – A Glen Rock based payroll company reported a suspected scam involving a company seeking to open a payroll account for a small business. The purported company was seeking to have the alleged payroll funds deposited through a prepaid debit card company rather than a traditional bank.  Officials at the payroll company detected the fraud before any payments were processed.  The detective bureau is currently reviewing this matter.  


6:06 PM – A former Glen Rock resident reported that her dog had been stolen and sought police assistance in locating the animal.  According to the complainant, she had left the dog with a Glen Rock woman to foster on a temporary basis.  She subsequently learned that the woman with whom she had left the dog had passed away. The complainant had unsuccessfully attempted to gain cooperation from the next of kin in order to be reunited with her pet.

D/Sgt. Calaski was able to contact family members of the deceased resident who claimed that the former Glen Rock woman was no longer the dog’s owner and that the dog had been adopted following their mother’s passing.  The family refused to provide further information and insisted that the complainant had given the pet to their deceased family member. 

The complainant was advised that this issue is a civil matter, not criminal and that she will need to file a civil action in Superior Court in Hackensack.  Ultimately a civil court will need to make a determination in this matter as the Police Department lacks jurisdiction to do so.  


7:30 PM – A Glen Rock man reported receiving an unsolicited Green Dot Bank debit card in the mail, though it was addressed to a house number that does not exist on his street.  Green Dot Bank is a prepaid debit card company, not a traditional bank.  He made an online inquiry and determined that the account had been opened in his name using a Yahoo email address and phone number which are not his.  He has checked his legitimate personal accounts and thus far no suspicious activity has been detected.  The detective bureau is currently reviewing this matter. 


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