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Coronavirus Update from Mayor Morieko

Mar 16, 2020 07:22PM ● By Mayor Kristine Morieko

This is your Mayor, Kristine Morieko,

Today, March 16, 2020, I have updates regarding the Boroughs response to the Coronavirus that I would like to share.  To be clear, as of today we still have 0 confirmed positive cases.  However, as this is an ever-evolving situation – we cannot assume this will not change.  The Borough OEM has been on top of every development for weeks and I thank them for their commitment and fortitude.

Governor Murphy issued an executive order at 2 p.m. today which affects the entire state.  At 5 pm today, County Executive Jim Tedesco issued Order 2020-1B which applies to the County. Locally, here are the effects on residents:


1)  Effective tomorrow 3/17, all rear yard garbage pick up is suspended.  Please bring your garbage to the curb until further notice.

2)  Bulk pickup Wednesday, 3/18 is canceled.


1.  Effective tomorrow, Borough Hall will be closed to the public.  Please use whatever online capabilities you have or call for an emergent situation.

2.  All overnight parking restrictions are suspended.


1)  All fire inspections are suspended;  all building inspections are suspended unless otherwise emergent.


1) All borough playgrounds and tennis courts are CLOSED to the public – as are all school playgrounds and fields.  There has been an increase in the population converging upon these locations which are in direct contrast to the purpose of social distancing.  Our playgrounds have surfaces that can hold this virus.  Effective immediately they are closed.

2) The Dog Park is closed to the public. 



The County Executive issued Order 2020-1B, effective tomorrow at 11 pm:  ALL businesses shall be closed.  This does not affect grocery stores, pharmacies; restaurant take out, healthcare, banks, gas stations, and other essential operations.  All malls will close.  All health clubs, gyms, are closed until further notice.  We encourage you to order from our local restaurants offering take out!

LASTLY, no groups of more than 4 people, other than family members shall assemble in public at any time until further notice.  A curfew is imposed between 8 pm and 7 am for all public outdoor activities.

 This may seem extraordinary measures, but we are in extraordinary times.

I know that as a community, we want the very best for each other.  While we have no known cases, we cannot predict how much longer.  Please check on your elderly or otherwise compromised neighbors.  Ask if they need help getting supplies.  PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING and continue to be the amazing community that I know we are.  When times are rough, we always pull through, together.

Be safe, be well and as information becomes available I will be here to update you all.

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