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Coronavirus borough update from Mayor Kristine Morieko

Mar 18, 2020 07:37PM ● By Mayor Kristine Morieko

This is Mayor Kristine Morieko of the Borough of Glen Rock:  

Today is Wednesday,  March 18, 2020, and I have updates regarding the Boroughs response to the Coronavirus.  We have received communication from our Local Health Official that we now have 1 confirmed case of Covid-19 in the Borough.  There is no need for alarm, we fully expected this as more testing is returning in our area.   

I am not privy to the details of the individual as this falls under HIPPA and the purview of the Health officer who is tasked with doing a contact investigation.  

Our Office of Emergency Management has been and continues to be on top of this ever-evolving situation.  Our emergency services are working 24/7 to serve our Borough.  During this time, I will update the public as information that pertains to our Borough is affected.  Our primary focus is keeping our services going and securing the safety of our First Responders.  If you are experiencing symptoms, PLEASE BE HONEST with dispatch.

I will remind everyone of the following:

  1. Borough Hall is closed to the public.  
  2. The Library is closed.
  3. Rear yard pick up is suspended – all garbage must be brought to the curb.  If you have a legitimate issue in doing so, please contact the DPW at 201-670-3980to arrange assistance.  This is for the SAFETY OF OUR EMPLOYEES!
  4. Recycling is still being taken at the center according to their business hours.
  5. All Playgrounds, Tennis Courts and Basketball courts are closed.  The School superintendent has closed all school property to the public including sports fields and playgrounds.  **Again, I cannot stress this enough ** all active recreation should be avoided.  Walking is ok in the Glen Rock parks.  I have received numerous emails and voicemails of children gathering at the schools and in the parks.  Personally, I have addressed those groups when I have seen them.  I trust that as residents when you see this occur, that you will be an upstander and remind each other this is not acceptable.

If you have an elderly neighbor, check in on them – see if they need help shopping, taking their garbage to the curb.  

Continue to follow the CDC guidelines, washing hands, staying home if you are ill and practicing social distancing and adhere to the Borough’s directives.

I acknowledge that times are uncertain, but one way to reduce our anxiety is to have specific actions we may take.  At this time, the best course of action is SOCIAL DISTANCING.  I trust that Glen Rockers want to look out for one another.  I trust that you all wish to do your part to contain the spread of this virus.  

Lastly, be safe, stay well and I know we will all come through as a community to achieve the best possible outcome.  

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