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GR Police Blotter March 16th - March 22, 2020

Mar 23, 2020 09:09AM ● By Chief Dean Ackermann


8:40 PM – Patrols along with Glen Rock Fire Fighters responded to a reported chimney fire on Woodvale Road.  The fire was extinguished, and the chimney was made safe pending repairs.  No injuries occurred.  Support was provided by the Fair Lawn Fire Department.  


5:32 PM – An 18-year-old Glen Rock woman contacted what she thought was Apple support seeking to recover photos that had been stored on an Apple device.  She gave the purported representative access to her phone and $ 1,899 was transferred from her bank account.  The woman’s father then provided access to his phone and $ 2,345 was transferred from his account.  After both realizing that these transactions were fraudulent, the father contacted the bank concerning the compromised accounts.  The detective bureau is currently reviewing the matter. 

Public Service Announcement regarding fraudulent activity. Scammers use fear and panic to take advantage of people, causing them to make decisions that you would normally not make. Take a second and think it through. Ask friends and family. Please refer to LEGITIMATE OFFICIAL SOURCES for your information. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media are often sources of false information which is easily spread to many people. Please stop and think about what you are actually doing and verify any suspect advice you may be hearing.

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