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Mayor Kristine Morieko Updates residents on the Boroughs status

Mar 25, 2020 05:53PM ● By Mayor Kristine Morieko
Today is Wednesday, March 25th and I have updates regarding the Borough's response to the Coronavirus.  We now have 9 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Glen Rock.  This is double our last notification.  Again, the increase in positive test results is completely expected due to an aggressive testing posture in the State.  Testing criteria requires an individual to be symptomatic - so logically those being tested now are likely to be positive.  Lines at Bergen Community College have been news breaking and those results are taking 3-5 days to return.
Positive test results are now being sent to the Police Chief, not the Mayor.  This ensures that we follow federal laws to protect patients under HIPAA while also protecting the public.  Their address is entered into a system which will alert any responders to a call at that location.  If you are experiencing symptoms, PLEASE BE HONEST with dispatch.  We need to keep our first responders safe and protected from further spread.
Our Health Officer is still tasked with doing contact investigations and if you would have been affected you will be notified.  Our Office of Emergency Management has been outstanding during this time and I commend them for their preparedness.  Our emergency services continue to work for our residents 24/7. 
Here is the list of Borough Responses as of this date:
  1. Borough Hall is closed to the Public.  All employees are working from home and have calls forwarded - residents can contact the Borough.
  2. The Library remains closed.
  3. Rear yard pick up is suspended - all garbage must be brought to the curb by 6am.  If this is a hardship, not an inconvenience, please contact the DPW.
  4. Curbside recycling is suspended.  In order to allow recycling to continue we ask that you bring it to the Recycling Center.  We are putting systems in place to limit the amount of residents who may enter at one time.  There is significant concern for our employees who come into contact with unsecure items at your curb.  We have seen towns with entire departments out sick - we do not want this to happen in Glen Rock.  The Recycling Center is open Sunday 12pm to 5pm; Monday 7:30 am to 3:30pm, Tuesday and Wednesday Closed; Thursday 7:30pm to 3:30pm; Friday 7:30pm to 3:30pm; Saturday 12pm to 5pm.  As of April 1st, open until 7pm on Thursdays.  Use your judgment, practice social distancing and use the all the available days.  Again, if you have a hardship, not an inconvenience, you may call the DPW.
  5. The compost center will be open on Saturday 8-5.  Spring hours resume on April 1st and at this time, no suspensions are to be expected.  At no time is it acceptable for anyone to open the gate when it is closed.
  6. All Playgrounds, Tennis & Basketball courts, hockey rink and dog park are closed.  All School fields and playgrounds are CLOSED.  Due to the actions of both residents and non-residents, PD is enforcing these closures.  If you are asked to disperse, please do so without argument.  We placed these restrictions for the greater good.  Please continue to be upstanders.
  7. If you have an elderly neighbor, check in on them. 
  8. If you are a senior who needs assistance, please call the main number at Borough Hall 201-670-3956.  We are generating a list of resident volunteers who can help you with groceries, prescriptions, etc.  You can sign up to help on the borough web site at
  9. While on the roads, please use extreme caution.  Many families and children are out for walks.  Be aware of your surroundings and stay vigilant.
  10. Same vigilance applies to those riding bicycles at this time. 
  11. Overnight parking enforcement will remain suspended.
  12. If you have a friend or neighbor who does not receive these updates, please direct them to sign up on the Borough website for all alerts.
  13. If you have masks or gloves which you can donate, please contact me with your information and I can arrange pick up for delivery to our local hospitals.

Continue to follow the CDC guidelines, washing your hands for 20 seconds, staying home if you are ill, and ALWAYS practicing social distancing.  This illness is not discriminating - all ages and those who are not immune compromised are also testing positive.  It is up ALL of us to obey social distancing.  We can and we will do better.  The best website to follow for information is
It is my intention to be measured and factual when I provide this messaging.  I may be longer than usual today to make certain that all Borough matters are addressed.  If you have any questions or need help, please call Borough Hall or email [email protected] to get a direct response.
We are all doing our best during these uncertain times.  The Borough has been putting in countless hours on your behalf and while we understand many of your frustrations, all of these changes have been to help YOU stay safe, and help our employees stay safe.  There is nothing more important than your health, safety, and well being.
Thank you to those local businesses which must remain open.  Our grocery store employees, pharmacy employees, restaurant staff, and Borough essential employees - they are all working so hard, for us.  Be patient with them and allow them to feel appreciated.  While we are tasked with staying at home, they are out there - working for us.  And to the doctors, nurses and first responders who live in town - thank you, thank you for your incredible service.  This town is indebted to your efforts.
When we get through this, which we are closer to with each day that passes; let us remember those who stepped up when times were uncertain. 
Support local, support each other.  Be safe, stay well.
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