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Glen Rockers Donates snacks to the Medical Community

Mar 30, 2020 07:33PM ● By Julie Maxwell Allen

Valley hospital is looking for boxes of individual snacks. They can't accept for example a big bag of chips as no sharing of food is allowed.  The staff doesn't always have time to eat a big meal and these snacks hold them over. Glen rock thank you!

Michelle Torpey started this because she was inspired by a friend who is a nurse at Valley Hospital. "They are understaffed, overworked and scared! They asked if I would want to coordinate a drive to write cards and letters to the doctors and nurses and/or collect  candy and healthy snacks."

We have a couple of secure drop off locations. 

112 Rock Sd. Glen Rock 

749 Prospect Street. Glen Rock 

34 Radburn Rd 

When you drop your donations off, the bin will be disinfected throughout the day, but if you are more comfortable, you can leave the cards/drawings in a sealed plastic bag (in case of rain!) next to the bin, and they will be collected. 

If anyone else wants to be a drop off location let me know. 

TO see more  Glen Rockers giving a helping hand - Glen Rockers Stepping up to feed The Front Line Medical Staff.  

Here are some examples of the donations so far: 




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