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Instagram Scavenger Hunt Lets have fun Glen Rock!

Apr 02, 2020 05:08PM ● By Julie Maxwell Allen
Since we are staying at home and being safe and healthy, we should have a bit of fun with an Instagram scavenger hunt with a  gift card prize for the winner. If you are a business and want to participate, please Contact Us.

This contest is an Instagram scavenger hunt from 6 pm Thurs - 6 pm Friday 

The rules are as follows: 

1. Follow us on Instagram @glenrocknews
2. Use the hashtag #funingr
3. You can sign up as a team or an individual. Great game for a family to play. 
4. post your team photo or individual photo with names with the hashtag #funingr

The team and individual with the most points wins! 

5 points for each task accomplished
5 additional points for creative entries
5 additional points for selfies of the team/individual with the object.
10 points for the first individual and teams that finish. 

The Indoor  Scavenger Hunt

How many of these items can you find?
  • Something Smooth
  •  An Item Bigger Than Your Hand
  •  A Cube
  •  Something That Makes A Noise
  •  Something Bendy
  •  Something Rough
  •  Something Smaller Than Your Finger Print
  •  Something Blue
  •  Something Star Shaped
  • Something Starting With C
  • Two Items Which Names Rhyme
  • Something Old
  •  Something With A Face On It
  •  Something Red
  •  Something To Wear
  • Two Items That Look Exactly The Same
  •  Something Which Has To Be Grown
  •  An Animal
  • Something Yellow
  • Something Starting With T
  • Something Pointy
  • Something Hollow
  • Something Grey
  •  A Sphere
  •  Something Soft
  • Something Shiny
  • Something Straight
  •  Something That Smells
  • Something That shows your love of the ROCK
Can you spell your name using items that start with each letter?


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