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Governor Murphy Announces Baby Steps to Reopen the State

May 13, 2020 02:57PM ● By Julie Maxwell Allen
During his daily COVID-19 press conference NJ Governor Phil Murphy announced the first steps to reopening the state.  Murphy also announced that Tuesday was the first day that cases reported dropped below 1,000 in  2 months. 

Murphy stated that curbside pick-up will be permitted starting at 6 a.m. on Monday, May 18 for all non-essential retail establishments previously closed via Executive Order 107 and is available via both vehicle and on foot.  

1. Orders need to be placed online or over the phone. 
2. No customers are allowed to enter the store. Pick up must be outside. 

Murphy also stated that work can resume at construction sites as long sensible safeguards are in place, such as:

  • Preventing overcrowding
  • Requiring face coverings
  • Prohibiting non-essential visitors
  • Staggering work hours and breaks; and
  • Ensuring proper sanitation.

Effective immediately,  vehicle gatherings are also now permitted, subject to certain social distancing requirements. This includes drive-in or drive-through events such as movie theaters, church services, and farms. This can include graduations. If the cars are less then 6 feet apart, windows, sunroofs, and convertibles must remain closed and people must remain in their cars. 

When asked about pools, Murphy stated: "It was part of the conversation I had earlier with health officials and will address it over the next few days."

Per Governor Murphy, "The success we’ve had flattening the curve gives us confidence that we’ll be able to announce the end of more restrictions in the days and weeks ahead.
There is no light switch we can flip – we can only slowly raise the dimmer."

We have 2 amazing retail businesses that already offer curbside and delivery services to keep families and kids busy learning new things. 
The Grow-cery Ltd.
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** as a retail business in town - what are your plans under these new guidelines? Let us know through an email or our Facebook Group. 

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