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#blacklivesmatter No Matter Where you Live

Jun 07, 2020 09:18PM ● By Julie Maxwell Allen
Recently the United States has publicly witnessed the wrongful deaths of three black individuals. These include Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and now George Floyd.  These deaths in the public eye have caused an outcry by the residents of the US since May 25, 2020, There have been mainly peaceful protests throughout America. These protests also built a social media presence using the hashtags:  #blacklivesmatter #icantbreath, #saytheirnames, #blm.

This movement has not just enraged the African Americans, but also many other races, ages, and religions across the country. We see this in the images of the protests. 

Both young and old, black and white, are affected by the issue of the needless deaths of blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans around the country. 

Photo by: Simon Toffell, Official GR Photographer

 Glen Rock residents are just as outraged as the rest of the nation. Glen Rock High School Students formed 2 protests on the corner of Rock and Glen to show their deep feelings about this situation.  

Alice Gomstyn, Courtney Carbone, and several other  Glen Rock Residents, created the group: Glen Rock for Black Lives Matter which then created a march to support #blacklivesmatter. Talking to Alice Gomstyn, "We were so grateful for the tremendous turnout. And I’m especially grateful for the work of my fellow organizers, including Ish Kennedy, whose powerful words kicked off the event. I hope we can keep the momentum going and achieve lasting change.”

This march was attended by over 600 people downtown Glen Rock, where they marched from the Main Line Train Station to Borough Hall and then ended with an 8:46 moment of silence. This march was peaceful, reverent, and respectful.  
In attendance were Mayor Ramon Hache of Ridgewood, Mayor Kristine Morieko of Glen Rock, and all Glen Rock council members. Ridgewood PD, Wyckoff PD, Hawthorne PD, and the Bergen County Sherif’s office were represented in town for the march. 

Also, NJ AG Gurbir Grewal, Glen Rock Chief of Police Dean Ackermann, and several members of Glen Rock PD showed support of the march and the cause. 

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